3620 Bee Cave Road

Austin, TX 78746

Word of the Year Party


Let’s supercharge 2020 with the focus on ourselves!

A private event for friends of Cathy and Theresa....

Joanna Coburn, a certified Expressive Arts teacher, will lead us in an exercise to create an Empowering vision board. A vision board is a visualization tool built of a collage of words and pictures that represent our goals and dreams. After we’ve created our boards, we will determine our personal Word of the Year.  Finally, we will decorate a mug with our word on it, guided by the owner of Ceramics Bayou, Nancy Germond. 

So WHY participate? It is fun to get together with like-minded people.  It is surprising what new thoughts and ideas spring out of this exercise. We all need to start the new year right by focusing on ourselves.

Each participant will take home their own collage of their 2020 vision and your mug, ready for pick-up in 4 days, can be used throughout the year to remind you of your intentions and goals.


The cost of this workshop is $85 and includes all supplies and expert instruction.

Saturday, January 4, 2020  from 3 p.m - 6 p.m.