Order Pottery To Go Kits -

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As time seems to be slowing DOWN, we're busy creating Pottery To Go kits so you can enjoy some creativity in the comfort of your own home.  Order on-line and we'll have everything ready for pick-up and we'll have the kit ready for you outside the Studio.


The Kits include EVERYTHING you need to create pottery - brushes, paints, pencils and the pottery shape(s) you want to paint.  We'll include Helpful Hints on how to get the best results.  When complete, let us know when you'll be dropping off your masterpieces and we'll get them glazed and fired for you as soon as possible; plan on 4-5 days.  We'll text you when they're ready for pick up.


We've put together a variety of shapes to choose from at various price points.  Let us know how many of each you'd like AND your choice of 4 paint colors -  we'll get it ready!  The To-Go kit costs $15 and includes 4 colors of paints - you'll be given the chance to order more colors if you want.  Remember, our 'paints' can be mixed together to form new colors. Never, ever, ever use a paint that wasn't provided in your kit; our paint is actually a glaze suitable for pottery!


Remember, we have over 400 shapes so CALL US  at the Studio if you want to include other shapes - we'll let you know the cost and include whatever pottery YOU want in your fun TO GO package!  Or send us an email and we'll get back to you as soon as possible!