There are MANY options available to help you create a special End of Year Teacher Gift:

1. You may TAKE the pottery, plus paint and supplies, to the classroom for the kids to add their design during school time.  The cost is the price of the pottery, plus $5 / paint color.  You'll bring the pottery and supplies back to the Studio to add additional design, including adding the kids' names with a paint pen, border and other designs.  If  you want help, Nancy is available to finish out the design for you for an additional charge.  

2. Each child can visit the Studio and we'll have the pottery and instructions ready for a quick visit.  At that time, we can collect payment from each parent for their child's share of the gift!  This eliminates the potential hassle of collecting funds from each parent AND keeps the gift more of a secret.  However, busy schedules may not make this an easy option! 

3. We are open to other ideas!!  Call Nancy and we can brainstorm about other great ideas!

fantastic & memorable end of year teacher gifts!!
Fingerprint tree
Sphere Top
Super big cookie jar
Fingerprint birds
Birds on a Wire
Practical coffee mug
Giant Cookie Jar
Info on the Bottom
Heart fingerprints
Heart Utensil Holder
Thanks for Bunch
Platter with Faces