Pottery Painting is GREAT FUN for an Adult Party and Team Meeting

Let's not let the kids have all the fun!  Creativity is alive and well in ALL of us and a pottery party is fun for ALL ages!!

We're a GREAT venue for your next Birthday, Wedding Shower, Baby Shower and Team Meeting.


Our room easily seats 24 adult painters, and you are welcome to bring any food and beverage you want.   There is a sink, fridge and ample counter space to set the room up in the ideal configuration for your meeting.  Create a fun play list and paint along to your own music!

Two hours is ample time for the group to paint a piece of pottery, enjoy a snack & have a drink. 

Depending upon YOUR NEEDS, we can set-up pricing in a variety of ways.  Each guest or team member can be responsible for their own pottery, or perhaps you'd like us to let everyone know you'll cover up to $X and if an object is more expensive, the guest can settle up with us.  OR you can preselect ONE shape, such as a dessert plate which will be a wonderful set for the guest of honor.  We've got loads of good ideas and lots of options are possible.

The Party Room rents for $40 / hour with a 2 hour minimum.  A deposit is due at time of booking.  Please call us to set up your next meeting or check availability here:




We can also COME TO YOU!  Let's discuss ideas and logistics - we're always open to a Field Trip!